Need a Berlin haircut? Get thee to HauptSache …

So I badly needed a fur/haircut and had been on the look out for a decent salon. I lucked out and found HauptSache on Schlesische Strasse in Kreuzberg.

It’s run by two really sweet punk chicks with elaborate tattoos and I recommend it highly. The stylist who did me – I forgot to get her name/ card but she’s the one with longer/ pink hair – was fantastic. Very talented. I’m always slightly paranoid when I’m in the chair that my hair’s going to end up looking a state, and normally I end up spooking the stylist with my look of abject dread and constant interfering comments. But this stylist knew exactly what she was doing and set me at ease from the start.

As it happens, my hair did end up looking a right state. I went for something quite radical for me, a sort of asymmetricalisch proto-punk schoolboy ruffian, echt Berlin. As my friseur said: “It should be like it was cut by your eight-year-old sister, ja?”. Genau.


If you’re in Berlin and need a haircut – even a normal one – get along to HauptSache. It’s pricey by Berlin standards – I paid 26 euros – but well worth it. This level of salon would be charging about three times that in London or New York.


One Response to “Need a Berlin haircut? Get thee to HauptSache …”

  1. Titcheykoo Park Says:

    The transformation into Eurotrashplayboyjetsetter is complete

    ‘And he went to Berlin from Hoxton and his haircut did forecall happiertimes in the trashpuit of Eats London’

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