The Oscar Wilde, Friedrichstr.

We have already been to plenty of good bars and restaurants in Berlin, but it only just struck me to blog about the places we visit. This is the first of what will be a collection of ‘reviews’. I’ll try and keep them brief.

Last night we wound up at an Irish pub, the Oscar Wilde on Friedrichstrasse. Map

We had gone to meet legendary loafer Bartleby Scrivener, our best friend in Berlin. He’s a professor at the European College of Liberal Arts in Pankow and last night was celebrating the end of term with his Joyce class. To gee his students up to finish Ulysses, the Dubliner (here in flatcap and spectacles) promised them all a pint of Guinness.


As to the matter of the Oscar Wilde and whether you should visit it: you should not. Unless you’re after a symbolic pint of Guinness. It’s a generic Irish-pub-abroad with little to recommend it. They do have Sky Sports on the telly so it’s a good pub for catching the football or rugby.

“It was smelly and there was no toilet paper in the girl’s toilet.” – Panda


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