Sudanesischer Imbiss, Friedrichshain

This is a lovely little restaurant serving up something I’ve never had before: authentic Sudanese food. At least I think it was authentic. It was a mixture of familiar Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cuisine with a few exotic flourishes.


The owner Yassir was a great host. Bit of a sad story in that he fled Sudan and arrived in Germany a few years back as a refugee clinging to the underside of a train. Then granted asylum, he set up his restaurant in the most unlikely of places. It’s attached to a big Plus supermarket on Corinthstrasse. Map

I don’t think he gets many customers, which is a pity. For just 4 euros you get a massive plate of falafels, humous, fried haloumi, salad, chips and .. er .. cauliflower, topped with a lovely peanut sauce. Everything was cooked fresh and prepared in front of us. He threw in mango lassis on the house.


One Response to “Sudanesischer Imbiss, Friedrichshain”

  1. Update: ‘I don’t think he gets many customers.’ Scratch that. For the last few months I have been conducting surveillance operations on the Imbiss from my balcony. After exhaustive analysis of the data and a comparison with like Imbisses in other parts of Berlin, as well as other cities outside of Sudan, I can now deliver my full report:

    Yassir has a lively place and a regular stream of patrons. Testament no doubt to his excellent fare.

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