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panda loves dogs
Part of the reason for the long hiatus between this post and the last (about four months I think) is that one has less time for blogging when one is engaged in the real world business of settling in a new city.

For me, this ‘settling’ has taken a number of aberrant forms. For example, I started an indie-folk-rock band called The Bears Grrr, played some gigs and recorded a soon-to-be-[self]-released EP to be titled Panda Loves Dogs. Panda, by the way, LOVES dogs. Woof. Grrr.

As something to do in Berlin – whether you’re here for a weekend or a year – I would highly recommend starting a rock band for kicks. Go for it kids! What have you got to lose? As I discovered, being barely able to play your guitar or sing beyond warbling throatily is no hindrance at all to starting a band in Berlin, or perhaps anywhere else for that matter.

This is how I did it:

1. Set up a practice session in week 1 with a hastily gathered bunch of friends and friends-of-friends who could play a bit and start writing melodic songs.

2. Go out busking the terraces around Boxhagenerplatz, Kolwittzplatz and Bergmannstrasse in search of affirmation and small change. Be sure to wander into self-proclaimed ‘legendary venue’ White Trash Fast Food to wow the owner Wally with an impromptu set

3. Start playing occasional open mics, such as the excellent one hosted at Madame Claude in Kreuzberg (where the sound guy really knows what he’s doing, the atmosphere is supportive and the room sparkles)

4. Tempt in other musicians by the sheer madness of your enthusiasm and the semi-plausibility of your vocal hooks


5. Graduate to getting invites to play ‘twee’ parties, occasional charity gigs, house parties

6. Return to aforementioned ‘legendary’ venue (in truth, it’s become a glorified Hard Rock Cafe with over-priced burgers and snotty, overworked staff) for a ‘proper’ gig way before you’re actually ready for it. Rock, in your own quiet, shambolic way, and be told upon leaving the stage “That was shit. I hated it .. but the girls seemed to like it” by Wally

7. Set aside a weekend and record a demo EP at home, which we did a fortnight ago.

I’ve played music before on stage (just a handful of times), I’ve recorded bits and bobs at home, but until I came to Berlin I’d never formed my own band. Call it creative freedom or the stimulation of being in a new city, or a culture of acceptance of cultural effort here in Berlin, or the fact that not being in England in amongst your own can feel like a hindrance lifted – but it’s been a joy to start a band, write a bunch of songs (we have about 15), play some gigs and record. Where we go from here is anybody’s guess, but I’ll keep you posted.

Some of the recordings we’ve done are already on the obligatory myspaz here if you care to listen. Next step will be getting the CD pressed and packaged – to hand out, to sell etc. Maybe I’ll blog about that.


5 Responses to “Start a rock band”

  1. hahah very similar to what my husband did when he started his old UK band…the used to carry all their gear to gigs on the tube

  2. Nah they have three albums and tour the world regularly (google Art Brut). That said, he left the band and now lives in Melbourne, Australia with me, drums in a mexican punk band… We’re planning to move to Germany in 2020 to open a shop where craft/art/zines/music all meet. Well, that’s the hope….Berlin we think as we’ve visited and loved it. It’s alot like Melbourne actually, without the drought.

  3. Ah yeah I’ve heard of Art Brut. Just had a listen … nice! Well at present we are touring the world irregularly. As in, not at all, for the time being. Although we do occasionally tour Kreuzberg. I’ve heard great things about Melbourne. You can’t go wrong in Berlin. Berlin’s great. Berlin’s lovely. As you know. And living here it’s even better than visiting. The city reveals more of itself and then you come to love it even more. At least, that’s what happened with me. Good luck! Grr

  4. Panda loves dogs// Victoria loves the Bears Grrr!!!! good luck!

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