About Big Bear

panda in prenzlauer berg

Big Bear moved from London to Berlin with his sweetheart Panda, seen here along the rails of the M10 tram in Prenzlauer Berg. This blog was started to help other folk who decide to visit or move to the city.


10 Responses to “About Big Bear”

  1. hey big bear!!

    you might remember this odd couple of girls who harrassed you and jonathan in the u-bahn the other day; here’s one half of it saying hello and thanking you again for that awesome music!!

    now, the bad news is, i can remember but one single lyric of what i can only describe as aural bliss, so i’d be very grateful if i could get hold of any (but preferably all!!!) of your songs…which were amazing, to make that point clear!!

    if you’d really come over to münster to do a gig (or two…), elena and me will be in the first row cheering embarassingly, but you might as well get used to that now!!!

    sending you purple revolutionary greetings from a place that’s decidedly too far away from kreuzberg


    ps: the alleged foot-fetishist turned out to be a professional in the end. how disappointing.


  2. Joe Wretham Says:

    Guttentarg Big Bear,

    My name is Joe and I currently reside in Leeds, Yorkshire. Myself and two compadres are planning to haul ass in august and move over to berlin. I just had a couple of basic questions that I was hoping you might be able to help me with.

    Firstly we’ll be looking somewhere for three lads to live, ideally a 3 bed apartment or house. Would you be able to give me a rough idea of what kind of rent we’d be expected to pay and where to start our search?

    Also we’re going to need to find work. Not being very good at/just not speaking german I have no illusions that we’re going to find well-paying career jobs. However what would you think our chances are of finding employment that pays enough for rent, food and a beer or two? Is there anywhere you would recommend starting our search.

    Any other pearls of wisdom you would be willing to empart based on your experiences?

    Any help you can give us would be massively appreciated and we’ll meet up to buy you a beer or two when we get there.


  3. Hey Mick,
    i was talking to Johnny last Friday about yr myspace site(s) and wondered if you (or someone) could help me with mine! Juice said it was “really easy”. dont have any way of contacting you except this at the moment.

  4. Will Collins Says:

    Hi Bear

    Any ideas on who will be looking for a qualified teacher of English for a start next year, anytime after June 2010?

    P.S. Are you a homosexualist?

  5. Why have you not updated for months!

  6. Apologies for not updating for months! Big Bear has been busy doing all manner of things, about which he will begin blogging again very soon. Big Bear’s blog will rise from the ashes!!! Just you wait and see ..

    • Apology accepted! just remember your roots man!

      I am of course lying.. I only found your blog today so thought I would nudge to see what happened! Looking good so far though.

  7. Hi Big Bear,
    Just found your blog via a google search and thought it looked cool. I am envious of your life in the wonderful city of Berlin.
    I lived in Hakenfelde (up near Spandau) in the early eighties and worked at the Steigenberger Hotel in the City for three years (81 – 84) I can honestly say I loved my time there and the city will always have a special place in my heart.

    My favorite watering hole (of many)was the Ranke 2 funnily enough in Rankestrasse which is just round the corner from the hotel I used to work in.

    I have a question though, I am trying to trace some friends from those days, do you know of any online or newspaper message boards that might be used by Berliners on a regular basis to trace people?

    Give my regards to The Kudamm and lovely Berliners


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