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Berlin … where even football managers look edgy

Posted in Berlin fashion on March 26, 2009 by biggbear

vater abraham in freidrichshain

Berlin may be synonymous with edgy style and ubercoolischness-sans-effort but the place still has the power to blow your little fashion pea on occasion.

Victoria-Friedrichshain coach Stefan, better known as Vater (Father) Abraham on account of his luscious beard and resemblance to the prophet [sic .. see the comments], is the football fashionista par excellence.

Ex-Chelski manager Jose Mourinho, the beau of the King’s Road set, is held up as a scion of style in London and Milan for his taste in cashmere overcoats. But the ‘Special One’ would be openly ridiculed in this little corner of east Berlin, where hooded tops, bokker boots and combats are the season’s cutting edge look.

Stefan’s casual combo may look incendiary as a colour statement, but the pairing of ski jacket with military fatigues captures perfectly the credit crunch zeitgeist. Two parts aspirational/ three parts apocalyptic, the coach’s get up is both ‘wow-nee’ and ‘ja-now’.

When even the city’s sports instructors are looking this fly, it makes you wonder: how long before Berlin collapses under its quota of effortless cool?

watchin … fashion schmashion in beRLiN

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This is the first in a series on ‘Berlin fashion’. It’s not going to be Cosmo I’m afraid. Big Bear as a fashion hack!? Ich don’t think so.

The plan is simply to stop folk who catch my eye and ask if I can take their picture. If they agree I’ll post the results up here.

These in-love nu-ravers were happy to pose.